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Vermont Maple Syrup-Maple Leaf

On our 800 beautiful acres we sustainably harvest premium maple sap to make into the finest 100% pure Vermont maple syrup.  At April's Maple we are committed to making maple syrup to the highest quality standards.  Always.  We welcome you to taste the difference!

We offer three grades of pure Vermont Maple Syrup, all of equal quality - it’s a matter of personal taste which one YOU prefer.

  • Golden (Vermont Fancy) - With a golden color and a delicate maple flavor this syrup in excellent for anyone who appreciates a subtle maple flavor.
  • Amber - With an amber color and a rich maple flavor this syrup is our most popular syrup for all around use and gift giving.
  • Dark - With a dark color and a robust maple flavor this syrup is the choice for the maple enthusiast.  It's stronger flavor makes it an excellent choice for flavoring a drink, a glaze or a marinade.
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