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April’s Maple Sunday Morning (traditional or Gluten Free)

Bursts of our 100% pure Vermont maple crunch naturally sweeten your breakfast and start your day off right!  Our pancakes are light and fluffy with the natural sweetness of our pure Vermont maple crunch.  Top with some of our pure Vermont Maple Syrup and maple candy.  You can sweeten your coffee or tea with our pure Vermont Maple Crunch, an all natural sweetener!

This basket contains:

  • Maple Crunch Buttermilk Pancakes - 1 ½ lb - makes approximately 16 (5-6 inch) pancakes OR King Arthur Gluten Free Pancake Mix
  • Vermont Amber Color, Rich Taste Maple Syrup, bottled in our classic pint jug - 16 oz
  • Pure Vermont Maple Sugar Crunch - 4.5 oz
  • Pure Maple Candy Two Pack - 1 oz

This gift basket comes shrink wrapped.

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