You will be pleased to know that maple syrup is an easy substitute for white sugar when cooking and it is somewhat healthier, too!

Our simple rule is that you can generally substitute one cup of maple granulated sugar for one cup of white sugar.  If you prefer cooking with maple syrup, remember that maple syrup is more flavorful but not quite as sweet as granulated sugar.  Replace each cup of sugar with ¾ to 1½ cups of syrup, depending on how sweet you would like the recipe.  You will also want to reduce any liquids in the recipe by approximately 1/2-cup and 1/3 cup for each cup of sugar replaced.  It is usually best to reduce the liquid that is called for in the greatest amount (for example, reduce the milk, not the oil, egg, or liqueur).

It’s also important to remember that pure maple syrup is a natural sweetener and a smart food choice when compared to typical white sugar. Pure maple syrup delivers more overall nutritional value than many common sweeteners and has one of the lowest calorie levels, according to researchers at the International Maple Syrup Institute. Pure maple syrup also provides enhanced antioxidant levels compared to other common and popular foods, such as apples and broccoli, and may contain other health benefits that are currently being studied.

Pull out your favorite recipe and experiment a bit, some recipes will work better than others for substitutions and you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you like your favorite dishes even more with maple!  Or, try any of the recipes we have included on our website - we will continue to add recipes so keep checking for updates!

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